• an inner place of shelter

  • an inner place of shelter

Contemplative practices

Trappist monk, poet, social activist,and student of comparative religion, the late Thomas Merton wrote:

“Our greatest journey in life is interior. It is a matter of growth, deepening and an ever greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts”

don’t get lost in the cave of the heart

We cannot embark on such an inner journey unprepared, or we may find we become lost in the cave;  the cave of the heart.  We need to engage in contemplative practices which will nurture, sustain, challenge and pave the way for us to continue to engage in the ongoing life adventure of the sacred work of being human.

A philosophy without practice is like reading a menu without ever tasting the food.
(As quoted in Awakening the Energies of Love, by Anne Hillman)

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